For me photography has always been about comfort and contemplation
With images showing everyday life, objects of our close environment and some subtle portraits, Brussels based photographer, Sven Laurent is exploring the questions of space, time and existence, revealing the beauty of our close environment.

« Carrying a camera most of the time, I take pictures wherever I am. I don’t look for the exotic or the spectacular. I try to be as open as possible to the surrounding elements. Images appear to me, triggered by the light, colour, shape or perspective, revealing the beauty that often goes unseen. »

In addition to his own practice, Sven’s sensitive approach to photography frequently leads to collaborations on other photographic territories always strongly influenced by his rich body of personal work. Well known for his work in contemporary art documentation and exhibition views, he’s also teaching workshops.

The spatial organisation of the masses in his images reveal either the sculptural or the immersive qualities of the photographed subjects, transcending the traditional perception of presence and materiality in contemporary photography.

You can read more about Sven's work and process on The Leica Camera Blog.