Some days I feel invisible, 
I feel like I'm going to dissolve
into fear, sadness and anxiety.

On those days I make pictures, 
no more doubt, no more questions, 
just the moment, peace and tranquility.

For me photography has always been about comfort and contemplation. Finding beauty in my close surroundings is a balancing act in order to survive the social and political turmoil of the world we live in. Carrying a camera most of the time, I take pictures wherever I am. I don’t look for the exotic or the spectacular. Images appear to me, triggered by the light, colour, shape or perspective, revealing the beauty that often goes unseen. Part of a large ongoing body of work called "Fragments of solace", these carefully selected images are exploring the subjective aspects of beauty, inviting the viewer to question his own sense of aesthetics and the way he is looking at his environment.
(selected images)
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